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About Parallel

Parallel's mission is to address the disparity between the number of educators who can produce high-quality educational content and the number of content creators who have the expertise to tackle complex subject matter. We connect content creators with educators, enabling them to collaborate and produce exceptional educational content. Users can assemble teams, work together on projects, and then publish a final piece to platforms like YouTube.

For Educators

Parallel provides educators with a platform to share their expertise with a wider audience by collaborating with content creators. By working together, educators can produce engaging and informative videos that are accessible to students everywhere, without investing too much time in video production.

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For Content Creators

Parallel empowers content creators to produce high-quality educational content that they may not have had the expertise to tackle on their own. By collaborating with educators, creators can explore new topics and create more comprehensive videos that engage and inform their audience.

Parallel Premium

Using Parallel is completely free, but you can enjoy exclusive features and support the platform with our premium version.

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